Streamlining Travel: A Guide to Automated Immigration Clearances in India


March 8, 2024


The administration of India intends to launch automated immigration clearances India at New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru air stations. This system was recently expanded to include only international passengers. So, learn more about this latest update in detail below.

Attributes of Biometric-Based Immigration Checks

  • It abolishes the necessity of a physical passport.
  • Instead of paper fingerprints, facial identification technology will be use to verify passenger identities for flight from USA to India.
  • After ruling approval from the cabinet, this step would further reduce security and immigration challenges.
  • It would aid in the evolution of the necessary airport infrastructure for flights from the USA to India.

When Will Indian Taxpayers Become a Part of The Programme?

Indian citizens will become a part of the biometrics-based immigration checks only after the dispersion of E passports, which will have both paper and electronic elements. However, till then, it would only be open to international travelers at New Delhi airport, Mumbai airport, and Bengaluru Airport.

So if you are coming from USA to India (such as moving on airlines to India from USA and so on.) Through Mumbai Airport, Delhi Airport, or Bengaluru Airport, you will be able to attain the facility.

DigiYatra- A Step Towards Digital India

In an initial meeting with civil aviation minister JyotiradityaSCIndia, I had a debate with the chairman of the Airport Authority of India and the chief executive of private airports in regards to DigiYatra at Pune Airport, providing a paperless journey to domestic air passengers.

DigiYatra is a contactless air travel solution that utilizes facial recognition technology to ensure a trouble-free checking and verification procedure at airports, making less waste of time and a convenient boarding process.

According to Scindia, the DigiYatra facility will be available to 25 more airports in 2024, which include Mumbai Airport, Bengaluru Airport, Delhi Airport, and more.

In fact, the Automated Immigration Clearances India program will begin on a pilot basis at Delhi and Mumbai airports this year. Further, it will open to 15 more international airports by 2027 and all airports by 2032.

Three electronic gates, two for arrival and one for departure, have already been installed at Delhi International Airport to facilitate the program’s execution.

However, the administration has yet to begin trials of the program. Therefore, this Enterprise will aid Indian passport holders to make use of E gates and help them get rid of long queues for immigration clearance.

What Are The Government Plans For biometrics-based Immigration?

Govt plans biometrics-based immigration to make the immigration clearance process easier and quicker with the help of computing. According to the third officer working in the Home Ministry, the United States Department of Homeland Security has a similar global entry program. This program allows for enhanced security and immigration clearance for proven low-risk travelers.

The procedure of the verification system is yet to be functioning in India’s case. However, authorities must also determine how passports will be imprinted, which occurs when someone enters or exits India through immigration checkpoints. Not to mention, this program will only be available to Indian passport holders, and there is no requirement to extend the scheme to those holding other passports.

For the quick execution of automated immigration clearances India, the Ministry of Home Affairs has already created a road map for the trusted traveler program.

No matter how creative the program sounds, it would be essential to see how the officials will define pre-verified travelers. In fact, E gates are only to lessen the workload but someone at the back must verify and approve the passenger’s identity based on the immigration records. In short, if the traveler is of interest, then the E gate will reject the ingress, and the traveler will have to shift to the manual counter.

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