Kid-Friendly Carriers: 5 Best US Airlines for Family Travel in 2024


May 20, 2024


Planning a trip with children can be a daunting task due to the various challenges they present. However, some airlines make family travel easier by offering family-friendly services. We have analyzed the top US airlines to determine the most family-friendly ones to help you book cheap flight tickets to India from the USA. Here are the top five family-friendly airlines for 2024:

The top five family-friendly airlines are:

1. American Airline

Family-friendly services are available on American Airlines flights, including priority boarding for families and complimentary meals for children. Furthermore, they offer Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment for a fee.

Even if you don’t pay to select a seat, American Airlines makes sure your kids won’t be left alone on flights since it’s never a good idea to be apart from them. Families’ seats will be automatically assigned by the system the day before departure; if that is not feasible, each child will be seated near an adult. Make sure everyone’s reservations are the same!

2. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is a popular choice for family travel, offering several services to keep children entertained, such as in-flight movies, TV shows, and games. They also provide complimentary snacks and drinks to all passengers.

The decent in-flight entertainment system is subject to the requirement that you carry your device. Their streaming service offers over 800 TV programs and flicks to keep parents and children entertained while flying. Don’t forget to check out Vayubooking for last-minute airline tickets to India from the United States at inexpensive pricing.

3. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is another great option for family travel because it is a low-cost carrier. They also have a family boarding option, which makes it easier for parents to obtain seats alongside their children.

Under the Southwest family, the boarding policy allows two people traveling with children under the age of six to board the plane before the majority of other passengers. Also, if you are on the lookout for economical flights from the US to India, visit our website, Vayubooking.com. 

 4. JetBlue

Another good (and affordable) option for family travel is JetBlue, which is known for providing exceptional customer service, including helping families with young children. They also provide youngsters with free snacks and refreshments, as well as in-flight entertainment options.

Children under the age of two may be lap infants, and families may pre-board with children up to the same age limit. The selection of drinks varies per trip. Water, granola bars, animal crackers, and juices are among the complimentary beverages and snacks provided by the airline. Additionally, to learn more about our website, vayubooking.com.

5. Delta Airline

Delta is well-known for its generous family travel policies, which include free stroller checking and priority boarding for families with small children. For children of all ages, they also provide an extensive selection of in-flight entertainment alternatives.

It allows early access to the aircraft for people who need more time to board. Families who bring a stroller, car seat, or both will also be able to board early. In either case, you’re likely to board the plane as a family before the throng.


Families looking for the best kid-friendly airlines in the United States may benefit greatly from flying with any of these five carriers. To make your trip more kid-friendly, reserve everything ahead of time, including meals, lap-seat tickets, and seats. So, on the day of travel, you can enjoy a stress-free experience. And if you want to book the cheapest business-class tickets to India from the United States, Vayubooking can help.