DigiYatra At Pune Airport: What Travelers Need To Know


February 1, 2024


With its innovative “DigiYatra” technology, Pune Airport is advancing aviation’s future, which is an exciting development for travelers. In fact, the Pune Airport Authority installed terminal gate scanners on March 31, 2023, to establish a new protocol. Well, the goal of DigiYatra at Pune Airport is to eliminate the long lines, which many tourists find disturbing. However, while there was not much of an answer at first, eventually things began to shift.

Travelers and airlines began to realize the enormous advantages of the “DigiYatra.” Not to mention, approximately 57% of travelers have already made the switch to “DigiYatra,” reflecting a significant change in their preferences. In other words, it made it possible for them to access the terminal.

How Do You Join The DigiYatra Revolution?

“DigiYatra” is easy to use. All visitors have to do is download the DigiYatra app and enter their details, which include their Aadhaar card number. Besides that, with this one-time registration, you can permanently wave goodbye to laborious check-ins. Therefore, when you land at Pune Airport to get DigiYatra facility, a simple face scan at the terminal along with a verification check by CISF officials will allow you to begin your journey.

Significant Increase In ‘DigiYatra’ Utilization

Recent data show a significant increase in the number of airlines using “DigiYatra,” highlighting its effectiveness and growing popularity. In fact, with 4,918, Indigo has the most users of this service, followed by SpiceJet (502), Air India (453), and Akasa (452). Likewise, Vistara also has a high utilization rate, with 351 passengers. Thus, this increase in numbers across various airlines is a strong indication of DigiYatra’s successful integration into the travel experience, which has changed how tourists connect with airport processes.

With about 57% of travelers currently using this method, it is clear that the system offers a significant time saver. Furthermore, long lineups and challenging check-ins are becoming a thing of the past at Pune International Airport. Therefore, those looking to explore international destinations can book the best deals on business class flights and cheap flights with us. So, take advantage of ‘DigiYatra’ to get through the airport easily. In short, this system is about more than getting to the terminals quickly; it’s about connecting Pune to the rest of the world efficiently and comfortably.



The launch of DigiYatra at Pune Airport marks the start of a more significant change in air travel. With each new advancement in technology and shifting passenger demands, air travel becomes less stressful and more exciting. In contrast, the installation of DigiYatra at Pune airport represents a significant step in the direction of smarter, more effective air travel. Above all, this is an excellent illustration of how technology can enhance travel experiences.

So, experience the next level of travel at Pune Airport with “DigiYatra,” which combines speed, convenience, and technology to completely transform your journey. Thus, why hold off? Plan your trip and book cheap flight tickets to India at affordable rates by connecting with Vayubooking now.