Elevate Your Journey: Best Airlines to Fly from USA to India


December 20, 2023


If you are a jet setter or a go-getter type who is always on the plane flying into places, it becomes essential to know and understand which airlines are best suited for you, depending on the type of services they provide. So go and check out our comprehensive guide regarding the best airlines to fly from USA to India, and know which ones are appropriate for you.

All About the Finest Airlines to Fly from USA to India

As the journey is long and the flight is international, it is for the good that you want to fly in comfort and style. Also the good part is it is all in your budget. However, this is based on two factors: from where you are flying to the US, and where you want to go in India. Therefore, let’s discover which airline has the great services, for when you want to travel in India.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines to travel to India from USA, serving over 150 international destinations in Africa, Central Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world. While flying with Qatar you have 24hrs before the departure of flight to cancel reservations without any penalty. Further if your flight is canceled or delayed for over 3 hrs. you are eligible for refund. However, when traveling with children aged 2 to 5, an adult over 16 should travel with them.

Delta Airlines

Delta airlines is among the best airlines to fly from the USA to India. However, it has a day flight schedule of over 54,000 flights and a network of 319 destinations in 54 countries, making it the finest airline to fly between the USA and India. Therefore, passengers are eligible to cancel their flight tickets online, in person or over the phone. Additionally, for children booking price is 10% of the adult fare plus international taxes and excise.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the national carrier of Singapore and one of the best airlines to fly from USA to India. However, if you purchase a flight from the United States, you have 24hrs to cancel your ticket without penalty. Therefore, if you cancel a non-refundable ticket, it will only recover your taxes. One adult may travel with two babies, who must be between 7 days and 2 years. And before making payment for your travel, you may reserve a small cradle.


Emirates is a Dubai cantered airline that flies to 140 destinations, in 81 countries, across six continents on more than 3000 flights every week. However, you may get a refund for flights booked on Emirates official website to or from the United States within 24hrs of your booking, without paying any penalty. Therefore, your refund will be completed in seven days, after completing the ticket return from. Infants flying on their parent’s arms or in a pram need to pay a half of adult price. Exit rows do not permit lap children or baby seats.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is UAE’s second largest airline. However, it flies about 1,000 flights every week with the passenger arriving and departing from Africa, Asia, Europe, and America among other destinations. Therefore, you must check out the Etihad service center up to 24 hrs before your departure to get a reimbursement. Children under the age of 2 years old are not required to have seats. Prams available on a first come first served basis for parents with infants.

Virgin Atlantic

Since Sep ,2020, Virgin Atlantic has been operating between the USA and India through London. However, if Virgin Atlantic cancels flight, you may reschedule another destination as per seat availability. Therefore, adult fares are limited to a 10% surtax. Child ticket price are available for children aged 2 to 11. Young adult ticket money is available to children aged 12 to 16.

United Airlines

United Airlines also adds up to the list of best airlines to fly from USA to India. However, it is the lowest cost carrier, with over 5,400 daily flights. Therefore, it is America’s prime and finest airline. Further you can also change your flight to fly to India without paying any change fee within 24 hours of booking. If you are not able to carry out your willful flight changes, contact or speak with an airport representative.


Here is the list of finest airlines you can pick out to fly to India. We hope all this data proves to be beneficial to you. Do keep all this above information in your mind while booking your flight. We understand your demands and, hence, we have tried our finest to provide you with all the particulars. Our prime objective is to serve you with the best. And for more such guidance, you can visit our website Vayubooking.