StarAir Resumes Direct Flight to Tirupati from Kolhapur | Latest Travel News


April 1, 2024


Following a hiatus of around three and a half months, a direct flight to Tirupati from Kolhapur has been resumed as of Sunday, March 31st, 2024.

Previously, the Kolhapur-Tirupati flight service was initiated by a private passenger airline. Unfortunately, it was discontinued after some time. Now, with StarAir restoring this service, passengers are overjoyed, fulfilling their long-awaited anticipation for this crucial flight link.

Operating three times a week, the direct flight to Tirupati from Kolhapur is scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. Departing from Kolhapur airport at around 11 AM, the flight will reach Tirupati within one hour and ten minutes, i.e., by 12:10 PM. On the same day, the return journey takes off from Tirupati at 12:35 PM sharp and arrives at the Kolhapur airport at 1:45 PM.

StarAir company manager, Nandkumar Gaurav, enthusiastically quoted, “This flight of the Star Air Company (Kolhapur to Tirupati) is starting from the new terminal building of Kolhapur Airport. It is getting a good response from travelers, and 80% of the bookings for April have been completed.”

Aditya Mohite, a resident of Kolhapur, enthusiastically emphasized the added convenience this flight service provides for passengers visiting Tirupati for darshan at the Balaji temple. He said that it would replace the necessity of train travel, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient journey.

The airplane has a 50-seater capacity, but the maximum number of passengers allowed is 45 because of the short runway. The Kolhapur airport director, Mr. Anil Shinde, said that this direct flight to Tirupati from Kolhapur will significantly enhance tourism for both places.