Things to know before Travel to India with Kids


November 25, 2023


India is not a country for the faint of heart; the first trip is sure to leave you swayed. Besides that, it’s worth an exciting adventure. While it is easier to plan your trip to India in advance, you cannot handle it just as well if this is your first Travel to India with Kids on a trail. However, in this post, we will give you some tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your trip to India with your loved ones. So, without further delay, let’s start this topic and learn about some exciting trips for your next adventure to India.

How To Travel To India With Kids?

Trip Planning

For families visiting India, with or without kids, you need to take downtime from your day to clean up yourself. However, this can be very overwhelming and an aural overload if you have no idea where to begin. Therefore, take two hours a day to chill out after spending your whole day out of the hotel.
Not to mention, if you travel to India with kids for the first time, plan your trip to comparatively calmer locations, specifically in South India. Kerala backwaters and Lakshadweep beaches will always excite your little ones, apart from visiting jungle safaris and national reserves. Here is where you can keep your children entertained by pointing out beautiful flora and fauna all over.


If you want to know how to travel with kids, first of all, plan a comfortable guidebook so that you can accommodate your delays. Moreover, we would recommend not selecting more than 4 locations to check out per day. Hence, you can’t hurry through your journey with kids because everyone gets tired and exhausted at some point.
In contrast, during the summer, choose a hotel with air conditioning that also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in case the kids get hungry. Then you don’t have to move out of the hotel to find the perfect place to eat. Lastly, if the hotel has a pool, you get extra points. Furthermore, always book your stay at excellent accommodations because a serene place allows you to relax without the looming feeling of chaos. Now don’t rest; book your last minute flights to India from USA at affordable prices with us right now, as we are offering great last minutes packages.

Drink Only Purified Water

Water sanitation is a huge problem in India. Even if you get water from a luxurious restaurant, always ask for bottled water. However, you cannot trust what comes out of the tap, especially for small little tummies.

Keep Your Child Away from Stray Dogs and Cats

There are a lot of stray dogs on the streets in India, and a dog bite can even cause rabies. We advised taking extra precautions when walking children on the streets due to their natural affinity for dogs and cats. Hence, never allow your kids to feed a stray cat or dog.

Keep Your Cool

When you Travel to India with Kids for the first time, this country can be really annoying to outsiders. However, there are processes in place for checking into hotels, visa checks, and booking tickets. Thus, always remember that everyone wants your tourist dollar; it’s very easy to lose one’s cool. Therefore, at the end of the day, it may be easier to pay a little bit more, go with the flow or just walk your way.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Dress the kids appropriately for the weather. In addition, carry appropriate clothing for your destination in India. For instance, pack airy, loose clothing for trips to Agra and Rajasthan. Similarly, a trip to the mountains will necessitate the use of warm clothing.

Pack Your Foods

When you Travel to India with Kids, it is easy to get stuck in the dust and dirt because children have a natural tendency to touch everything in front of them. However, the best way to deal with this is to always carry hand sanitizer and get into the practice of washing their hands and feet when you arrive back at the hotel. In other words, this is effective enough to keep your children safe from illness.
On the other hand, most western kids are not prone to spicy Indian food. This is natural and it is okay to make them try some local food. Well, the best way to deal with it is to simply ask the cook to make plain omelets, rice and naan. Hence, tell them that you do not want any kind of spice, salt or anything else.

Respect The Seasons

India is a country of intensity, and the weather here is no quirk. In the summer months, the temperature can rise up to 40-45 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the best time to visit India is between November and March. In short, in this time weather is pleasant and crowds are less, this will help you move freely from place to place.

Learn to Say No to Photos

While staying in India, people may come and ask you for selfie requests. However, be firm and polite and simply say no. They may feel bad, but as soon as you explain that your child is saying no, they might leave you alone. In a nutshell, be careful; they are still clicking away at you and your family as you walk away.
Pro Tip – As traveling parents, it is okay to get chips, pizza, cold drink and McDonalds sometime. However, in tourist locations, you can find pasta and fruit stalls too. But make sure you only get the fruits; cut them yourself and eat them fresh.


Here is full information on how to make the most of your trip to India with your children.  Moreover, by following our above tips and tricks, you can have successful family adventures with your kids. Well, our guides cover everything, whether it is travel planning or packing essentials. Finally, your family adventure to India can become more than just a vacation if you take the right approach.
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