Delta Airlines Student Discounts: The Key To Student-Friendly Travel


December 23, 2023


Delta Airlines offers amazing discounts and offers, but be ready to provide your student identification documents through the booking process. In fact, Delta Airlines goes above and beyond to ensure passenger comfort, including student discounts. So, take advantage of these available discounts during the booking process for more affordable flights. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning more about Delta Airlines student discounts, check out this handy guide.

What is Delta Airlines Student Discount?

You can save money on your students’ Delta flight tickets by getting the maximum discount off the regular fare price. In order to uncover the Student Travel Offer, simply enter student discount on the Delta search website. Meanwhile, ensure that the traveler information assigns one student instead of one adult. In addition, proceed to enter your flight details, search as usual, and approve your eligibility. Not to mention, if you are a student with frequent travel needs, Delta Airlines offers exclusive flight deals just for you.

Delta Airlines Student Discount Eligibility Criteria

Enrolment Status

The student must be currently enrolled in a certified college or university.
It is necessary to have full-time or part-time status.

Age Criteria

Students must be 18 to 25 years of age to qualify for student discounts.


To take advantage of the available discount, provide a valid student ID and specific travel details as required for different locations and routes.

Benefits Offered By Delta Airlines For Students

Student can savor exclusive flight prices, international travel discounts and additional perks with Delta Airlines-

  • There are considerable savings on domestic and international flights.
  • In-flight amenities include free games, movies and TV shows.
  • High-speed on-board internet and subordinate messaging options.
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks for an emphasizing travel experience.
  • Delta Airlines explores global opportunities for students during their college years in partnership with airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Air France.

How To Apply For Student Discount

Follow the following steps to apply for Delta student discounts-

  • First of all, visit Delta.com or download the Fly Delta app.
  • Afterward, log in using travel credentials or use Delta.com as a guest.
  • Meanwhile, enter travel details like date, name, arrival and departure city, type of seats, and number of passengers and hit search.
  • Select the most economical option after comparing the prices.
  • Proceed to the checkout option after choosing the payment method.
  • Apply the student discount code when checking out, after account verification.
  • Then, you will receive a confirmation email and message with your flight details as well as the total amount you saved when booking your Delta Airlines flight tickets.

Where Can I find Delta Airlines Student Discount Codes?

Uncover the Delta Airlines student discounts codes on the official flight booking page. Moreover, these codes are available via SMS to the registered phone number and on Delta’s social media accounts. Meanwhile, to retrieve the student discount code, enter it in the promotional code field during checkout on the Delta flight booking page. Likewise, log in to your Delta account to confirm the discount, and the reduced airfare will display on your booking summary. Furthermore, follow account details or contact Delta Airlines customer representatives directly for code details and verification assistance.

Delta Airlines Student Discount Restrictions

  • Delta Airlines offers a student discount on flight tickets purchased during a specific travel period.
  • However, availability may vary for selected routes or during peak travel periods. In addition, you can contact Delta Airlines customer service to verify if a destination is available for travel with student discounts.
  • Delta Airlines may not cover bag discounts and certain travel services with Delta Airlines student discounts.
  • Basically, student discounts are non-transferable and non-refundable. So, if you want to change your travel dates or times, you may have to pay additional fees.
  • At the same time, you need to verify the school/university provided email address.


Delta Airlines is widely regarded as one of the best student discount airlines. In order to enjoy the student discount Delta Airlines offers to their student passengers, you need to verify yourself as a student. Moreover, Vayubooking will help you in every way possible to find the best airlines that offer the lowest student airfares to book your flight tickets. So, avail yourself of the wings of your dreams and fly high with us.