Traveling with Spirits: Can You Take Alcohol on a Plane?


December 15, 2023


When you go on a trip, it can feel like the vacation starts at the moment you enter the airport, if you think about packing a little beer. Meanwhile, you need to know about the strict ground rules of traveling with alcohol. Afterward, make sure to understand the rules of bringing booze before your big trip. The Federal Administration Aviation (FAA) regulates all U.S airlines and airports, even if those planes travel out of the country, they however take the matter of alcohol on planes very seriously. Although, you can still travel with alcohol and you can take some of it in your carry-on bag. Since you understand the rules of can you take alcohol on a plane, you can do it. Let’s have a look at FAA and TSA regulations surrounding flying with alcohol.

Can You Bring Alcohol on a Plane?

There’s a limit of how much alcohol you can take as you carry that in your carry-on bag. Although, all liquids, gels and aerosol must be allowed in 3.4 ounce bottles. That means that you can travel with mini bottles only. While TSA formulates that the mini bottles have to be packed richly in a quart-sized zip lock bag. Afterward, the TSA states a clear decision around whether mini bottles will be allowed through security, totally depends on the on duty TSA officer. So nevertheless you have done all the right things, there’s still a chance that your mini bottles will be seized. And you will have to tackle it. Therefore, if you don’t want to bring alcohol through TSA, understand that you’re following a small chance that you’ll have to go on without them.

Rules Became Different If You Buy Alcohol At The Airport

One way to get around 3.4 ounces, and that’s by buying liquor at a duty free store. While duty free stores include airport retailers whose goods are protected from duties or taxes. Here, goods sold with understanding as they will be taken out of the country. While, you can arrive early at the airport with the time to shop, or you may buy alcohol at a connecting airport. In this case, it’s acceptable to put a larger bottle in your carry-on baggage. But the same rule applies to this the same story applied as they do with checked bags. Meanwhile, if the purchased alcohol contains ABV 24% and 70%, you are restricted to take 5 liters per passenger. Above all, the bottle must be packed in a transparent plastic harden-free package.

Tips for Bringing Alcohol

In order to diminish the risk of breakage or leakage of bottles, follow these steps to pack the alcohol safely.

1. Use protective packaging- Wrap each bottle in a bubble wrap or padded sleeve to cushion it against collisions. Rather using specialized travel bags or containers prepared to protect bottles during travel.

2. Position bottle carefully- Position the wrapped bottle in the center of your luggage, encircled by soft items like clothing or towel to provide extra padding and safety.

3. Secure the bottle caps- Secure bottle from leaks and unveils, use the plastic wrap and rubber band to latch the bottle caps.

4. Use a waterproof barrier- Keep the wrapped bottle in a plastic bag or air tight container to prevent leaks and spills.

5. Label your luggage- Tag your luggage with name, address, and contact information, and consider adding a breakable or handle with care sticker to alert baggage handlers.


It requires a proper consideration of rules and regulations as well as attention to proper packing technique to prevent from spills and leakage. Apart from this above guidelines and tips ensure your alcoholic beverage will reach your destination . Besides this, if you need to get more travel related information reach Vayubooking for the best possible solutions.