Student Travel Deals

As a student eager to explore the world, we understand how important it is to make the most of your travel budget. Well, if you want to travel around the world for a low cost, take a look at our Student Travel Offer. We will assist you in obtaining fantastic flight deals and offers. In fact, our travel packages are specifically designed for young scholars and explorers. Besides that, here, you’ll discover great discounts and perks, including reduced airfare, flexible booking, and more. So, grab our student discounts and fly to your next adventure without any financial burden.

Top 5 Best Airlines For Students

As a student, the best airlines for you would be those that offer low-cost flights for students and a generous student baggage allowance. However, based on that criterion, we have listed the five airlines that offer students the best rates without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Air India, Qatar Airways, EasyJet, American Airlines, and Emirates are among the carriers. Not to mention, all of these airlines offer students the best deals and discounts.

Proven Hacks For Booking Student Travel Offers

  • Plan Early: Start looking for deals well in advance to secure the lowest fares.
  • Flexible Dates: Be open to altering your travel dates to match available discounts.
  • Group Bookings: When possible, book as a group to access group discounts.
  • Frequent Flyers: Join a frequent flyer program to accumulate miles and enjoy future benefits.
  • Check for Student ID: Make sure you always verify whether you can use your student ID to receive additional discounts.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Travel Partner?

Traveling on a student budget does not imply compromising on quality. VayuBooking offers an unrivaled booking experience by combining affordability and dependability. Our team dedicates itself to making your trip memorable while staying within your budget. Additionally, we provide access to a vast network of airlines, allowing you to travel to any location. Similarly, there are no hidden fees when you book your flights through our website. With us, you can travel the world without boundaries. In addition, you can count on attentive service at every turn when you reserve your tickets with us. In short, we earn your confidence by being truthful and timely. Our prime objective is to provide our customers with budget friendly and memorable trips. So without wasting your time, choose us for your next trip and make your journey full of amazing memories by snagging Student Travel Offers.


1- Do these student discounts apply to all locations?

Our student discounts are valid for both domestic and international travel, covering a wide range of destinations.

2- Can I book a student discount if I’m not part of a university program?

Our student travel offers are available to all students, including those studying part-time or in specialized programs. In fact, our goal is to help as many students as possible.

3- What kind of identification do I need to claim a student discount?

Usually, you will need an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) or a current student ID. Hence, please review the terms prior to booking, as specific requirements may change.

4- Are these discounts available all year long or just during specific times of the year?

Our student travel deals are available throughout the year. However, keep an eye out for any limited-time seasonal special offers.

5- How many kilograms can students carry on a flight?

Students may only bring up to 25 kg of luggage into the airport at any time after presenting a valid ID card, a government-issued ID, and a photo.