USA To Chennai Flights

Chennai, the preeminent capital of South India, is a hugely popular tourist destination. You can, however, book USA to Chennai flights with us at a lower price and visit this spectacular city. Besides that, every day, an endless stream of travelers book flights between this two route to come and explore this captivating city. Thus, book flights to this route and fly overseas to come down to India and experience the culture and nationality of Chennai city. Afterward, take some time out of your busy schedule and attend the festivities in Chennai, which became famous for its grand celebration and food. In short, when you book cheap flights from USA to MAA with us, you will not only save money, but you will also be very excited to visit this amazing city.

About Chennai City

Ancient temples, sparkling art, natural wonders and an active culinary scene make Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu. Not to mention, it is one of the most famous destinations in the southern part of the country. Meanwhile, positioned on the Coromandel Coast, this busy coast was formerly known as Madras. Moreover, you can see everything in this wonderful city, from the glorious classical dance of Bharatnatyam to the rich flavor of its traditional cuisine. Furthermore, Chennai became the gatekeeper of South Indian art, culture and traditions. In addition to that, the city is also the perfect base from which trips to other spots in Tamil Nadu can take off. So, book your Flights from USA to Chennai with us to experience the ethnicity of Chennai and save a lot of bucks.

USA To Chennai Routes and Distance

The estimated flight distance from USA to Chennai is around 13998 kilometers, but if calculated in miles, the distance comes out to be 8697.95 miles. As a result, the total time spent on the flight from USA to Chennai is 18 hours and 19 minutes. In fact, the distance for every flight running between these routes may vary because you may calculate the distance from Chennai to the USA above the straight line. In addition, the flight may take a different path than the one shown in the illusion.

Top Airlines That Fly From USA To Chennai

The major airlines flying on these routes include Delta Airlines, Qatar, Etihad Airways, Air China, Ukraine International, Thai Airways, Indigo, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, Air India, Emirates, and Qatar. Meanwhile, booking cheap flights to Chennai from USA with these airline carriers will assure your journey to be extremely comfortable and hassle free.

Tips To Book Flights From USA To Chennai

  • In order to get a flight below average price, make at least one month prior booking.
  • Because January, November, and December are peak months, avoid making a reservation during these months. On the other hand, September seems to be the cheapest season to fly.
  • To access the most recent Chennai flight deals, fill out the search form above with your preferred departure airport and travel dates.

Why Choose Us To Book Flights?

Vayubooking will provide you with an immediate solution to any problem or query, and we guarantee that you will receive assistance when booking USA to Chennai flights. Additionally, because of our one-on-one assistance, you will be able to search for incredible low-cost flight deals with us. Likewise, booking inexpensive flights with us will no longer be an inconvenience when you choose us because we will make arrangements for your trip in a way that will be memorable for you.


1- Are there any direct flights from USA to Chennai?

There is no direct flight on this route, but you can take connecting flights with at least one or two stopovers.

2- Does India have a different time zone?

India has only one time zone throughout the country.

3- What is the distance between Chennai Airport and the city?

Chennai airport is 20 km away from the center of the city.

4- How many flights are operating from the USA to Chennai?

Currently, 31 flights operate between the USA and Chennai.

5- Which popular airlines fly from the USA to Chennai?

The airlines flying on these routes include Emirates, Qatar Airways, Air France, British Airways, Air India, Lufthansa and many more.